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We are a State licensed
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Welcome to the Anamika Recovery Center’s (ARC) combination medical assessment and 12-step based recovery program offering both inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcohol and chemical dependency (cocaine, methamphetamins and opiates). The innovative physician-designed holistic approach addresses complete healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Our patients receive customized care from a multi-disciplinary team of well-seasoned experts, led by one of the leading, distinguished addiction medicine physicians. Starting with an intervention, the intake process and lasting through the 31-90 day treatment program and aftercare, both the immediate and long-term recovery solutions will be provided.

Chemical dependency, substance abuse, alcohol or any other form of mind or mood altering drug is just a symptom of the greater underlining problem. Anamika Recovery Center gives clients the tools needed and required for living a drug-free, lifestyle - happy, joyous and free…free from the obsession to drink or use again.

The stories we have witnessed are nothing short of miraculous. Literally a psychic change has transformed the addict and family from a state of hopelessness to a life full of hope and a promising bright tomorrow.

Come to the Anamika Recovery Center and together we will march triumphantly through the arc which we all have passed to freedom…

An example of a customized care:

In-language literature and counseling provided in various languages (German, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and Swahili) Residents are taught valuable lessons about self-care, including, but not limited to healthy eating habits and the importance of H.A.L.T.

Seasoned Professionals

The mark of a substance or alcohol abuse treatment facility is the experience and strength of the team. Our on-staff physician has been an addiction specialist over 20 years. Our counseling staff has over 15 years of hands on experience from intervention to “self-work”. Some of our staff members have been through the recovery process themselves. We understand the devastation of addiction and the steps which are necessary to take to achieve life-long sobriety.


Excerpts from clients “Satisfaction Surveys”…


What helped you the most?


The tailored treatment I have received and the counselors are the best.”

“Developing a relationship with Simon and a deeper understanding of acceptance and sobriety. That AA is an integral part of my life for God consciousness and how I will stay sober.”

“The morning book readings and all the afternoon discussions with the counselors.”

“Spending the full period here with a small group and receiving intimate instructions and counseling”

“My 1 on 1's with Stacey helped me the most! She helped me learn who I am and what my strengths and weaknesses were and helped me work on both. She pointed out all the things that were good about me. Anamika is my second family, the non-dysfunctional one that helped me find the light at the end of my dark alley!”


- Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Treatment
- Detoxification
- Co-occurring Disorders: Depression, Trauma/PTSD; codependency
- 24-HOUR care and supervision
- Expert Professional staff
- In-language counseling-Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Urdu
- Multidisciplinary Assessment / Personalized Treatment plan
- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Hedonistic Therapy
- Experiential and Spiritual Treatment
- Yoga and Meditation
- Personal Training and Fitness Program [JPEG Image - 15.01 KB]

News & Press
- Anamika Recovery Center Offers Hope to Community
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By Jennifer Newell, Freelance Writer
Friday, October 17, 2008

Why would you recommend

Anamika Recovery Center?


I love the Philosophy of Anamika and the love that you feel here.”

“I will recommend the center based on leadership and counseling.”

“All the kindness, helpfulness and all the understanding of the staff.”

“The passion and commitment by the owner, staff, and counselors.”

How has your experience at Anamika Recovery Center been
different than any previous treatment program you may have attended?

What might work for you may not work for me. This place is not a machine.”

“Different in that everything happens in one location and is more personalized. Stronger counseling, no matter how full the center gets. There is a much stronger AA program here than other centers; the counselors see to that. God consciousness and awareness is stronger here. Anamika has shown me how to maintain my sobriety.”

“I’ve never been taught the 12 steps or 12 traditions at the other treatment centers.  So with my sponsor, AA meetings and continue working the steps, I’m confident and trust myself entirely to be able to stay sober!”

“Smaller groups, closer counseling, and the emphasis on learning, understanding, and practicing spirituality”

“Much more intimate environment. I felt like part of a family and everyone cared about me and always encouraged me!”